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fire fighting tank


Forest fires are a major threat and one of the major problems for the forests of Greece. The impact of forest fires is enormous, since it is not only affects the forest but also the economy, the society and the people. Homes and other properties are destroyed, the environment deteriorates, the ecosystem balance is disrupted, the soil erodes, and torrential floods affect the microclimate, destroying the flora and fauna of the area and last but not least, they lose their natural beauty.

G.KARAKOUSIS is aware of such severe situation and takes action to the call of nature.

We had all the necessary means as well as the commitment to help and contribute to the whole. That way, the G.KARAKOUSIS’ team designed and created a plastic water tank, type open that meets all the specifications for the confrontation of a forest fire.

Tank Specifications:

  • Plastic tank type open, PE
  • 40.000 lt. capacity
  • Supply of freshwater to the helicopters and the fire trucks
  • Portable to the fire hearth
  • Approved tanks for drinking water (EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 22000:2005)
  • No licensing required
  • Environment friendly (recyclable material)
  • The wide-open top

*The wide-open top is crucial since it allows the helicopter to get water with ease.

G.KARAKOUSIS is the only company worldwide that has the ability to create plastic tanks with such a capacity and specifications.


fire fighting tank

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