aerophoto G. KARAKOUSIS SA Company is taking action in the field of plastic tanks production. Various types of tanks for food processing and storage, fire fighting tanks, wine barrels and general purpose plastic containers are some of the products of our line. The company aims to produce products of high quality with particular emphasis on the products’ appropriateness for use in the food industry.

This goal is inherent in the ultimate understanding of clients requirements as well as to the compliance to the international standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 22000:2005 according to Quality Assurance Systems and Safety Management Materials in Contact with Food.

The team of G. KARAKOUSIS SA has the responsibility to implement procedures that the Quality Assurance Systems and Safety Management Materials in Contact with Food require.

Special care is given on the design of the fire extinguishing tanks due to their important role and the contribution in the society, and that is an achievement that we are particularly proud of.


In order to meet such goals, G. KARAKOUSIS SA Company acts under specific policy.

  • The capable and qualified staff, which operate in a well- organized internal structure
  • Continuous evaluation of suppliers and partners
  • The properly designed control of the products quality at all stages of production
  • Scheduled team training
  • Continued investment to improve and modernise
  • Continuous information on technological developments

It is a responsibility of the management of G. KARAKOUSIS SA to ensure that the Quality Policy is applied, to support a continuous, steady growth of the company and its unwavering commitment to its core values.


With honour,
Georgios Karakousis

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